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Ar Gouren, and other visions

In this series devoted to Gouren, a form of wrestling practiced in Brittany since the 4th century, Nolwenn Brod studies age-old memory. By photographing and filming these young wrestlers at dusk, she alludes to immemorial traditions through the flesh, the movement, the power of the bosies and the landscapes, provides an elegant and sensitive interpretation of Breton identity.

In parallel but without being lured into citing images, a great iconographic tradition is reflected delineating the history of art, of the wrestlers like the depiction of the biblical episode Jacob and the Angel by Paul Gauguin, Maurice Denis, Rembrandt. In these slow choregraphies, sacred and pagan confrontations or dance rituals, thes bodies with boundless strenght and flesh, intense eroticism and original landscapes, man is bound to the telluric and celestial forces, whislt the spirituel and carnal are definitively inextricable.

Paradoxically, in these wrestles, thes taut muscles and exstatic eyes, unest vies with languor, rage vies with serenity, as if these confrontations staged a passage : ar gouren, and other visions depict an age that has almost been reached, or rather the passage to adulthood and its successive doubts, confrontations with the world, orthers or oneself.

Gilou Le Gruiec

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