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La Ritournelle

work in progress, since 2015.

La Ritournelle comes from music, returns to circular songs, to the movement of back and forth on the same theme, to the idea of always returning to the beginning.

After living for several years in an important city, Marie and Jean with their child, settled in a village in France. This deterritorialization initiates the action. They have not fled but have fled from the lines of flight to produce new ones, to apprehend a new territory. Their activities are undeniably linked to contemporary theater, to those of the family, to the work undertaken in the house that evolves through the seasons, to their passage from one environment to another, from one becoming to another. It is through the lens of a very strong empathy towards the couple that Nolwenn Brod records the postures and the repeated gestures of everyday life, the borrowed paths, the violence and the ambiguity of the feelings, their micropolitic. It is also a mix of situations lived or not, observed, buried, nostalgic, reproduced or deconstructed, of the same and the other. This migration can be read as a generational phenomenon, each individual is composed of singularities, and it is above all these resistance movements in different circles and rhythms, which shapes things and beings, in the form of different «rituals» which interests the artist.

Nolwenn Brod «unfolds» this photographic project with video, sculpture, tapestry, collecting objects.
La Ritournelle, initiated in 2015, is likely to continue for another two to five years.

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