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Greece: the Grexit ?

While the Greek people goes to the polls on Sunday, July 5 for a referendum about the reform plan proposed by the country's creditors, the whole EU is holding its breath. The "Grexit" came out of a political fiction to become a plausible scenario.

Since the surprise announcement of the organization of this referendum by the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Syntagma Square is covered with Greek colors to oppose the measures imposed by Brussels, the ECB and the IMF, at the same time with European flags by those who refuse to see Greece leave the economic and Monetary Union.
Meanwhile, outside of Athens, financial and political elite have a reception under the auspices of the Chambers of Commerce of Athens, host of the organisation with Roberto Cavalli who presents his new vodka. One way to remember that Greece is still part of a list of 83 countries prepared by the World Bank, where "the general welfare" is the highest.

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