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Earthquake in Nepal

On April 25th, 2015, a year ago, a considerable earthqake hit Nepal, shattering milliions of lives and tearing apart the fragile balance of an already damaged country. A year from there, despite important international donations. the country and its cultural heritage are still devastated.

Three days after the disaster which has devastated many villages, trapped inhabitants have not received any assistance yet. According the UN, 8 millions people by 28 millions of Nepalese are affected by the earthquake.

“28th of April 2015 – This first day of shot started in Lalitpur (Patan), south of Katmandu, and continued in villages situated in the south of Latipur, between 10 and 20 kilometers more in the south of Ring Road, the Katmandu-Latipur peripheral conurbation. These villages have tremendously suffered and are completely abandoned by the few of international assistance, even national. The end of the day was in Harisiddhi, where I met a nice person who wanted to show us ruins of his village, Kashi Maharjan. I'll go back there tomorrow.”

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