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Libyan Berber's fighting

Ferhat Bouda has documented Berber people enlistment in the Libyan civil war. In the field between October and December 2011, he bears witness of the conflict at its climax, at its swing point. Besides rebellious offensive, he reports led military prolongations after the death of the Colonel Kadhafi.

Since Mouammar Kadhafi's “coup d'Etat” in 1969, Berber culture in Libya has been jeopardized. Wishing a pan-arabization, the “Rais” has tried to erase traditions and cultural practices which shape Berbers identity. Not accepted language, forfeited grounds, impossible promotion in Administration or Army and low-ranking employment make Libyan Berber people discriminate, even stigmatized.

When Revolution broke out in February 2011, Berbers logically and massively enlisted in rebellious faction. Arming and training them, Kabylian Officers made them welcome in their barracks. Berber forces rallying allowed the constitution of other units and the enforcement of new tactics. While Colonel Kadhafi was mostly focusing on the historical rebellious front in the West, Kabylian insurrection for the most part set in the Northeast succeeded in taking possession of the capital Tripoli, thank's to its geographical proximity. So, help of Berber troupes played a decisive part in the regime overthrow.

Their fightings efforts have led to small victories in this quest of cultural recognition since the end of Kadhafi's period. If cultural centers have been created, if some of local schools now
teach Berber language, this one has not been admitted in the new Libyan Constitution yet. Berber people express his discontentment protesting, but they are inaudible in this country plunged into chaos. The Libyan Berber still fights in view to his advance rights, in vain.

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