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Afghanistan, In the name of honour

The women's condition remains worrying in Afghanistan. GNO WAW (Women for Afghan Women) offers shelters to victims of domestic violences yet. Inside one of them, Austrlian photographer Andrew Quilty has taken the daily life of these women, injuried in the name of honor.

In a discreet house in center Kabul, female figures are walking around, silently and modestly. Forced and underage marriage, wedding against family, rape, forced prostitution, unlawful imprisonment,... All the women here had to flee their home, their family and their social background. A 20 years old girl has agreed to tell her story. After her family rejected a man for marriage, she was severely disfigured when the latter came to her house in the night and poured acid on her through her window as she slept. She embodies the destiny of many Afghan women, but some of them have been protected by GNO WAW.

Often disowned in a country where men don't compromise on traditions and honor, these women find in WAW's centers help, life-saving programs and services. In addition to the shelters, the WAWs halfway house is used as a launching pad for women who don't have the support of a husband or family to undertake normal daily life in Afghanistan. The program teaches life skills that aim to send women out into the world to succeed.

According to Human Right Watch, violence against women has increased in Afghanistan in recent months. While the Western armies are withdrawing and the Afghan authority are scarcely settled, few people feel concerned by this question. New Afghan president Ashraf Ghani made many campaign promises to uphold women's rights, but this hope is beginning to dissipate in the face of inaction.

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