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Trafficking Bolabola rose wood : Madagascar (1/2)

From the poor villages in the Malagasy natural reserve of Masoala to the suburbs of Xianyou, new city in the Fujian province, China, Michael Zumstein traced back to its roots the trafficking of Bolabola rosewood. It is popular due to its incredible density to many rich Chinese buyers that wish to create replica furniture dating from the Ming and Qing periods.

While the average wage of a Malagasy farmer is of 2,50€ per day, the industry that has flourished around the delivery of rosewood, from the forest to the coastal ports, allows the local population to survive.
The tree trunks are routed towards the Iagnobé River with only muscle power before being tied onto tires to go down the river all the way to the ocean. No logs reach the village of Antanandavehly without being unloaded, weighed and stored on shore sand for a few weeks. Traffickers have loyal employees that check upstream on the loads and pay the convicts from the natural reserve.

Besides the financial windfall that represents this activity, the illegal extraction of precious woods in the millenary Malagasy forests fuels corruption within the politico-administrative elite of Antananarivo but also has catastrophic consequences upon the ecological system of the entire region. “To pull out a tree, we have to cut those around it with its great numbers of lianas and other vulnerable plants, and trace a route to the river. As a second consequence, these paths open the route to other trafficking activities, such as those of precious stones as Madagascar’s earth is composed of a very diverse and rich elements”, explains Aro Vonjoy Ramarosandratana, Head of the Botanic Department at the Faculty of Sciences of Antananarivo.

Loaded at Cap Est, commonly known as “Port Bolabola”, these valuable resources leave for China, towards the administrative region of Hong Kong.

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