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France, The scars of a landscape

A few days after the killings at Charlie Hebdos headquarters, in Montrouge and at the Hyper Cacher of Porte de Vincennes, I wanted to draw a topography of the attacks.

The overexposure of the events shown by the continuous broadcasting, over the news channels, of the pictures of the attacks creates for the passer-by a strange feeling of familiarity when visiting the places affected by the drama. Wishing to anchor my pictures in a new experience, with a new point of view, at a right distance, I had the feeling of being pushed by an effort of reappropriation of the urban landscape and its new scars.

The disappearance of the signs of compassionate demonstrations is inevitable.
However, even though it has not torn down the walls of a city, several districts of Paris will forever be remembered through History.

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