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At the Headquarters of the WHO during the war against Ebola

Since the 14th of March 2014, date of the first email sent by the WHO teams in Guinea revealing the first suspected case of Ebola, the French doctor Pierre Fromenty and his teams work long hours to find solutions against this epidemic that hit Western Africa. Since WHO have decreed the state of urgency, four months after the first case, all the teams in charge of working on this meet up every morning in the basement of the main building, in the SOHC (Strategic Operational Headquarter Centre), in the crisis room of the WHO. 6000 kilometres way from the infected zones, researchers, doctors, and experts in sanitary aid find solutions like procedures of isolation, details of different rules of incubation but also measures of protection to prevent from the contamination. Every team present must work together and synchronise to make their efforts effective.

Since its creation in 1948, the WHO has for mission to accompany and help all people from around the world to have access to universal heath care. From the start, this international organisation often had to make face to many major epidemics crisis and had to find solutions to care the infected. As well, this Geneva based organisation, makes the international classification of sicknesses and makes available for countries in need the general medicine.

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