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Nepal: Explanation, peace, oblivion

I have been questioning Nepal for 20 years. In this far-off land, in the layers of this reality, there is something at once different and intimate that I recognise, and that I try to transpose into photographs, through a writing which blends poetry and documentary in a taut and concise frame, suggesting a vision of the country as well as appeasing the tiny discomfort to be a passenger of this Earth.

I have the intuition that this writing has recently ceased to be valid, not by its motives but by its codes. A few photographs seem to lead to an embryonic new writing, in which I tend to believe that the series Everyday Epiphanies has indeed reached its end.

This new Nepali work has begun in the wake of the arising of this cessation. It is the beginning of my answer to the resulting void.

Ongoing project

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