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In Situ: Analogia

Since more than 300 years, the Paris Opera Ballet maintains the excellence of the French dance. Pierre-Elie de Pibrac has been immerged for months into the intimacy of such a prestigious ballet.

Created at the end of the 17th century by King Louis XIV who was found of dance, this ballet is now the oldest company in the West, and has been evoluted in accordance with dance styles, from romantic pieces to Diaghilev’s and later Noureev’s creations.

The Paris opera, a large and luxurious building erected by Garnier (up to 79 m high), appears to be the perfect frame for this busy life devoted to dance. Official performances, exhausting rehearsals and private chatting : today, 18 stars, 154 dancers and a huge technic staff headed since October 2014 by Benjamin Millepied are stirring 360 days per year, from 7 am to midnight, this temple of the Parisian life.

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