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From L.A to Boise...and back

There is 900 miles between Los Angeles and Boise. Two days going in and two days going back across California, Nevada, Utah and finally the destination State, Idaho.

Passing through highway 10, 15 then 84 to reach Boise. In between, Las vegas and Salt Lake City are the two main cities.
Endless desert landscape and huge sky render the man like a miniature size.

On the way back I used a different route. Going straight south in the remote Nevada State with Highway 83. There. No gas station for hundreds of miles, no town. You are alone.
Then that huge majestic landscape becomes even bigger. Temperatures fall to zero while crossing the mountains and rise dramatically in the plains in an endless fashion.
At this time fall is coming with their majestic clouds. You see rain coming from far away like in the sea and then its there around you. Engulfed.
And on this road, few trucks, few cars Fascinating solitude.

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