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Political landscapes - France

The French presidential campaign brings about a lot of electoral rallies where medias, candidates and campaigners meet and exchange. The candidates expose their programm, find a political line, integrate cathphrases and gestures that will be repeated throughout the whole campaign. During this short time they developp a public image that has been well thought out. Besides words and attitudes, places, dates and staging are politically significant : a gymnasium in Beauvais for far-left candidate Arlette Laguiller, the Paris ''Gymnase Jappy'' for ephemeral left candidate Jean-Pierre Chevènement, the Lilles convention center for centrist candidate François Bayrou. Each time a candidate meets the campaigners, the event is meticulously staged in a almost theatrical way : left candidate Ségolène Royal places herself in the middle of the stage, François Bayrou is during his speech at the launch of the campaign surrounded by campaigners and local elected representatives who stan up on a plateform, conservative candidate Nicolas Sarkozy stands alone on the stage with big screens.

The purpose of 'Political landscapes'' project is to study the different stagings of presidential campaign. Working with a full frame camera ; photographing the complex ''landscapes'' formed by the candidates, the campaigners and the lightings ; refusing the too much used close up ; all of that serves the images revealing the way the candidates present themselves, the places where they do that and the way they are perceived. Finally this work speaks about the differences of territories and funds that have supported each candidate during the 2007 presidential campaign.

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