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"Everyone is alone at the heart of the earth,
pierced by a ray of sunshine;
and suddenly its evening."

Salvatore Quasimodo, in Acque e terre, 1930

As soon as she was selected for an artist residency from February to March 2012 in Antarctic, Adriana Lestido took it to heart and went to one end of the earth. She travelled from the navy base of Deception Island to the Argentine Antarctic base of Camara via the Beagle Channel. She even passed the Drake Passage at the end.

Purity, bleakness and bareness that affect these landscapes are parts of the vastness of a Nature relating to Life and Death. Soundless lights, auroras and odd nightfalls generate to Adriana Lestido a mystic landscape where space and time, gaining a new dimension, elaborate a new reality. By observing the Nature shaping itself, we definitely get closer to our own existence.

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