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Northern Mali, with the MNLA soldiers

Fehrat Bouda followed the insurgents tuaregs in their fiefdom: Kidal region, in northern Mali, 1200 kilometers from Bamako. Exceptionally he has shared the Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA in french) members' daily life: new recruits training, positions securing and, for the first time in the movement history, the total management of several cities and villages (Kidal, In Khalil, Tessalit etc.)

The area, under the pro-independence tuaregs control stays extremely dangerous with the presence of drug traffickers and jihadists from Ansar Dine in the field. Real powder keg, calm is not about to come back in Kidal, saturday 20 July, when they were preparing the first round of the malian elections, six people have been kidnaped in Tessalit, placed 200 kilometers from Kidal and controlled by the MNLA. This movement always refused the army and malian administration presence, though necessary, from Bamako point of view.

The insurgents tuaregs movement tries to keep its positions in Azawad region they have claimed in vain for a half-century.
The MNLA recruits actively to avoid the islamists assaults that pursue the kamikaze attacks in town and ambushes in the middle of the desert. Otherwise they are opposed to the regular army soldiers which would like take back the control in the north.
For the first time in the tuareg rebellion history, women decided to take up arms. In the tuareg society, women enjoy an unequalled status: owners of knowledges and wealth, they are traditions guardians. From then, their recent implication in the military conflict is the sign of the rebellion development.

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