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KPOP in Malaysia

The KPOP is a Korean musical genre derived from the popular Korean music and Anglo-Saxon pop.
In the 1990s, entertainment companies launch the first girls and boys bands. The KPOP phenomenon has quickly conquered the younger generation of South East Asia.

At concerts, those bands cause hysteria among teenagers. The protagonists of the boys and girls bands are pure beauty. Sex, drugs and excesses are never mentioned. The music is catchy and invites to dance.

KPOP culture reach Malaysia in the late 2000. The KPOP is a musical genre, but also a "way of life" and especially a way of dressing.
A lot of young Malaysians (pupils and students) dress like their idols. Flash mobs (filmed danced performances involving dozens of teenagers in the streets or shopping centers) are organized. Stores are specialized in the sale of accessories, dresses, shirts worn by young singers. Fans like to meet after school and on weekends in shops malls in Kuala Lumpur such as "Timesquare Shopping Mall". This phenomenon has become a huge business. The KPOP wave contributes to the acculturation, the cult of the ephemeral and appearance.

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