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When Lars Tunbjork approaches Beauvais (France-Picardie) he immediately recognizes other places that he has already experienced as an explorer, a situation of every photographer encounters when he discovers a new fragment of the universe. Therefore, he shows us faces – frontally, up-close - , residential areas, companies, and, all around, what remains of nature.

In the region's offices he sees what we can't see as we don't share his approach. Offices where the absurd spatial organization, invasion by machines and weariness of individuals only equal the pathetic presence of a green plant lost in the dark purple tones of an open-space cluttered by files, interact with the surprise of a hair color matching the wine-coloured seat backs when the other affirms the acidity of its apple-green...

Beauvais, in some places, is also a part of the world as it became, as it's becoming. The marching globalization has ended up happening and progressing. The photographer transforms the world through his look which has no objectivity. Both are not incompatible. Here is the proof.

Christian Caujolle

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