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Burundi, Places of Memory

Martina Macigalupo and Iwacu journalist Roland Rugero have travelled during several month throughout Burundi’s places of memory. Places charged with traumatising memories, often hidden or not talked about in public. Places where massacres, coup d’état and civil war have happened.

Bacigalupo and Rugero are taking us along a journey in the past, where the knowledge of the country’s history will hopefully bring a better understanding of the present and the reconsidering of some certainties. What is an “ethnic conflict” ? Where does it come from ? And can one get out of this spiral of violence ?
This body of work comes together with a reflexion on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which is being introduced in 2012, on the occasion of the country’s 50th independence birthday. Finally a new perspective is given on Burundi: the perspective of a country prior to the colonisation.

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