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Parkour in Gaza

Young Gazan are defying the limits of their body and a constant state of political tensions by practicing "Parkour" amongst the demolished buildings and cemeteries of the Gaza Strip.

First developed in Paris' suburbs in the early 90's, "Parkour" is an extreme sport that combines running, acrobatics and climbing in a urban environemnt. Defying the laws of gravity and the difficult political situation between Palestinians and Israelis, the young "practitioners" mostly invest urban wastelands such as this cemetery destroyed by bombings.

"Parkour" made its way to Gaza via the internet. In this part of the world where 70% of the poulation is under thirty and where there's a heavy rate of unemployment, despair and resignation does not encouraged youngsters into action. And finding work is a difficult option.

In order to overcome their very uncertain fate, some have chosen to occupy their time differently and have found inspiration in these videos to develop this sport mostly practiced in groups.

Even though "Parkour" isn't well accepted by their families, neighbours and local police, it allows the youth to meet in a friendly atmosphere and to share their common passion to go beyond their own limits. The experienced ones teach the youngest ones the basic moves, and this emerging « tradition » is transmitted from one generation to the next.

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