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Marin Hock
Sumène Artense, France

The territory of Sumene Artense is a “Communauté de Communes” (local council community) in the Cantal area, where the industrial heritage has had a significant impact. The mining activity then the hydroelectric constructions have modified an area which was predominantly agricultural and has significantly changed its appearance.

The second largest industrial area of Cantal, in a highly rural district, Sumene Artense puts in perspective memory, history and contemporary reality. Each village has kept its original traits and the traces of its past through the traditional miner's cottages.

Since the last two decades, rural life has changed a lot. The mines have closed, employment is slowly decreasing and many young people have left for larger cities.
And the settlement of large commercial stores has also changed the landscape of these rural areas and forced many “small” businesses to close.

Despite all of this, at the crossroads, people still pass by, as if they were resisting the outrageous urbanization of contemporary society.

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