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Timbuktoo's mausoleums

In Timbuktu, in North Mali, Ansar Eddines Salafis undertook the methodical and merciless destruction of the Muslim mausoleums, including the one of Djingareyber Mosque.

As they are poised to succeed in their fight against Bamako for the control of the North, those rigorist Muslims have turned against their former Tuareg allies. They now impose the strict rules of an Islam they say as pure. Hence, the city of 333 Saints is no longer allowed to honour the deceased men and women who made its history.
Beyond the material lost of these monuments, condemned by Unesco, Ansa Eddines goal is clearly the complete annihilation of a whole part of History through memorial terrorism.

During his trip along Niger river, Navia visited Timbuktu in 2006. There, he documented the architecture and daily life around these threatened monuments.

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