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The night life of Pamela

By day, Garbatje is a nurse in Bruge. By night, everywhere else, he's Pamela.

This is Pamela's life but also Ilda's, Rudy's and Brigitte's.
Come nighttime, parading her body before an audience, she sashays across the stage singing Lisa Minelli on playback.
Depending on the contract, they perform in cafs for surprise parties, in rec rooms who welcome the excluded or the handicapped, as well as full-fledged cabarets where notaries and farmers mingle.

This group rubs shoulders with an audience who isn't there to see a show following proper conduct guidelines. Friendly, but sometimes hostile or lewd, this audience of plebes doesn't possess the docility reserved to Michou's parisian nights.

While the audience is warming up, the troupe is getting ready in the dressing rooms with manners and sweetness, loving thoughtfulness. It's almost as though each took and gave love backstage, like an armor, in order to be strong and convincing frontstage.
During their show they have to deal with an audience that expects a show which will infringe all codes of good manners. Friendly but at times aggressive or lustful, this low-rank crowd is not as docile as one would find in a capital city grand-show stage. While the spectators are becoming heated, the band gets ready back-stage with good manners, tenderness and loving gestures. As if everyone was taking and giving love as a way to protect themselves and to be stronger in front of what awaits them on the other side of the curtain.

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