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Senegals Albinos

In Senegal the albino population has had the proof that their fight against discrimination is far from being over.

Carrying on their shoulder the double burden of being different and having a higher predisposition for skin cancer, the albinos from Senegal also suffer from peoples superstitions. At all times, albinos have been the victims of fear and irrationality.

Excluded from society and at times even from their own family, there are very few places where they feel welcomed and accepted.
Mohamadou Bamba Diop, President of the National Association of Senegalese Albinos, owns a shelter in his house in This, located 70 km away from Dakar.

Adding to the fear of an already harsh life, the clashes during the presidential election brought on the rumours of albinos ritual killings. Even with no real proof, the simple evocation of these practices which so far had spared Senegal lead the albino community to retreat away from the world surrounding them.

Former President Abdoulaye Wade based his power on religion. He encouraged West African Marabous to come and settle in Senegal. And with them, they brought their superstitions from Mali, Burkina Faso or Ivory Coast, explains Bamba Diop. According to Diop, from now on the only way to make the albinos voice heard, is by getting personally involved in politics. We must besiege political parties and become actors of the current public debate.

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