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A jeudi 15h

"Steeve and Xavier, in the silence of what is left of it, became an obvious encounter, a confrontation, a face to face, a project with and against time.
It also became - unexpectedly - a new way to define portraiture. (...) A proposition of a portrait, of portrait method, different, simply brutal and obvious."
Christian Caujolle

"A jeudi 15h" (See you Thursday, 15.00) covers two years of photographic portraits of a young man HIV positive, Xavier, met by Steeve Iuncker in 1996.
During two years and until Xavier's death, they met every Thursday, at 15.00 and photographed each other, in square format, b&w and color. Each week, Xavier chose his favorite portraits among the ones shot the week before and explained his choice in a few words featured in the book.
Xavier died on a Thursday.

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