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Dogfight in Afghanistan

Dog fighting is one of Afghanistan's unofficial national hobby. During the time of the Taliban, dog fighting was forbidden but since the fall of their power in 2001, this activity has become more and more popular and big money is spent on dog fights events, mostly through bidding.

Every friday morning in winter, in a field outside of Kabul, thousands of people gather to take part in or just to watch the fights.

The dogs are put face to face in the middle of a large circle and held by their owners until the "Mirren" (The leader of the fight) gives the start signal. He is also the only one who can break up the fight. The length of the fight depends on if there is or not a clear winner. The dogs normally dont kill each other in the ring but often the injuries after the fights are so bad that some dogs do die. The owners spend large sums of money on their dogs, sometimes over $ 10,000. Wealthy owners use professional trainers in order to achieve the best results with their dogs and even put them on special diets.
In Afghanistan, there are no laws to protect animals and the popularity of dogfights has increased in the last few years.

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