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India - Gulabi Gang

The women from the lowest caste in the Uttar Pradesh state have begun to resist the oppression they are facing. In 2006 Sampat Pal Devi started the Gulabi Gang or the gang of the Pink Women of Uttar Pradesh.

She had become tired of the oppression and mistreatment women had to face on a daily basis, and decided with her friends to make take things in their hand since the police in the villages was not willing to act.

So, men who had assaulted their wives were tied to a tree and beaten with their now famous pink sticks. And if the local police was not willing to arrest the men who had raped a woman, the Gulabi Gang would go to the police station and demonstrate in front of the building.
Today, the Gulabi Gang has spread all over Uttar Pradesh and Sampat Pal Devi will be running as a candidate in the upcoming Indian elections.

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