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« Memory does not film, memory photographs”
(Milan Kundera, Immortality)

This a photographic essay on the cinema, on cinematographic images.
A work in which movie stills are extracted from their initial medium and diverted from their original context. An analysis about movie stills, and the emotions and questions they raise when shown as photographs. A reflection about memory, dreams, fantasy.
Styles, stories and periods interlink and blend in these images, each one echoing the others. They are the silent witnesses of fear and desire.
They are timeless images that seem to surge out of the subconscious. Blurred, shaken, in movement in their very immobility, these images reflect the clouded world of memory. Mental images, distorted and disturbing,(an attempt to repeat the play on words in the original, you may disagree) they question our eye as much as our mind. Images that attract and mesmerize with their sensuous, nostalgic and universal language.

A chromatic and onirical photographic work in which glamour and suspense compete to pay a vibrant homage to the 7th Art.

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