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Coffee flavor in Ethiopia

According to the gourmets, Ethiopian arabica is the best in the world. In Ethiopia, 5 to 10 millions people live on coffee cultivation and sale, that is to say about 12% of the population, especially during the harvests (between October and February). The workers of the 9 Ethiopian plantations earn 30 euros a month.

Arabica plants growing on the slopes of ancient volcanoes red soil are considered the purest in the world. Coffee plants are to Ethiopia what animals are to Kenya. They determine the lifestyle of the inhabitants. Every day, women wash the coffee beans, roast, grind, mix and boil them. A ritual, which can last an hour and a half, and can be repeated up to nine times a day.
By integrating the organic sector, the government is now trying to improve profits and thus reduce poverty. Over the past year, they launched the "coffe revolution". The country could move from sixth to third largest exporter.

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