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Ste #11

You might be tempted to call these Memories of Ste. For this is in fact what they are: a recollection of things that no longer exist and indeed had existed only for a few days and during many nights, spent criss-crossing every part of the town in search ofOf what, exactly? No doubt a little piece of Ste, undeniably a great deal of Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, and even more of an image. Or images.


To paint a portrait of the city, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto discovered an endless series of existing - used or forgotten -images, which he recaptured in his own way, lending them new meaning. They turn, just like the footprints painted white on the ground, into landmarks of a sort. A way of telling us that images and signs are all that exist, that the town has to be read in the way it offers itself up, like a mystery to be solved. One of the strengths of Juan Manuel Castro Prietro's vision is that he has accepted Ste in all its strangeness and that, rather than struggling with it, he has come to terms with this identity, as deep as it is unsettling.

Christian Caujolle

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