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Barcelona is at the beginning of my new work titled Entrada, where I follow the journey of my father when he traveled from Morocco and through Europe in 1970. His passport notes his passage through Barcelona, Brme, Dortmund, and Rotterdam, before arriving in France. I am interested by the idea of mixing areas and towns to recreate one as a legend. Observing this way by which migrants are regarded at the center of our society has allowed me to blend into the natural mobility of the European social lanscape. If the idea of Europe does not really exist, the concept of immigration becomes once again blurred. Who are the foreigners ? Are they simply residents who lack the nationality of their destined county ? Are they just people from impoverished countries ?

I traveled, and I saw pretty things such as Cape Verdian singers who cry of nostalgia in the cafs. I work with a poor, plastic camera model (a toy camera ), whose blurred and noisy images resemble charcoal sketches. Fewer optical abberations enlargen my field of vision, and in my manner of reporting, I am a disenchanted witness. The immigrant is no longer a foreigner but that which I see .

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