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Neo-Burlesque in France

Cherry Shakewell, Gypsie Wood or Sucre d'Orge...these nicknames are as many sweet or spiced promises of what can offer these new queens of strip-tease la franaise.
Shows are a mix of humour and sensuality: "it's funny, a tad ridiculous..burlesque in a word!" reckons Mathilde, better known as Miss Glitter PainKiller.

Far from the clichs of the striptease world, burlesque dances do not put any boundaries and all women, whatever their size, can affirm their identities through their body.

In France, this phenomenon is on the rise. Courses have bloomed everywhere with women from every social class, every size, coming to learn how to undress in crazy acts. "Petite, young, skinny, with orange skin, big boobs, small the burlesque, all the shapes of body are expressing themselves" explains Miss Glitter Painkiller "and no one is here to judge."

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