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Brumes ŕ venir...looking for Belgium

Belgium, a young Kingdom almost 180 years old, co-founder of the European Union, has been going through a political and identity crisis since the legislative elections of 10 June 2007, threatening its very existence.
The question is many-sided : is the State of Belgium still relevant ? As a common ground gathering more than 10 million individuals speaking three different official languages, does it still raise interest ? From a TV hoax to an open public debate, did the hypothesis “End of Belgium” turn into a “pre-established” fact, a political program that will be imposed to the people ? As only its divided aspect is visible today, one can also wonder about the real borders of this division, their porosity and their common points with the federal borders. Last, this common attitude towards life, a mix of hospitality, partying, tastes, self mockery, a certain slightly fatalistic nonchalance, and a kind of almost gipsy melancholic happiness – does this attitude we call “Belgianess” still exist, if it ever did ?
The ambition of this project is to define the human and physical geography of this idea of Belgium, to give the viewer the keys allowing him to build his own answers to these questions, and to have his own representation of the on going sapping.

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