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Over the days

What I feel, seeing those pictures of Patrick Taberna, is that he needs it to live ... We must see to live or live to see? We go from specific locations to vague places, from noise to rustles, from an odor to a sensation, from solitary images to voluntarily poetically grouped together pictures...
The photos are in color but do we really give attention to these details ? Do black and white really exist ? And what about color ? This is probably why Patrick Taberna speaks to us, that what counts is not the square or rectangle, or color or black and white, what counts is the fact that these pictures exist because he decided to see them and to take them.

The visual photography, arts, literature, etc. …: all these are false barriers, there are only images that speak, and others which have nothing to say (some speak because they have nothing to say, with the language as commonplace ? (Poetry is not that simple...). What doaes create the link between a woman view from rear in front of cypresses, a very Italian image, to an aquarium of goldfish? The diptychs, triptychs, quadriptychs, can depict "a world", even if most of the time a single image can make it on her own. Because a gap between two buildings is all that remains of the space and sound, because behind three trees there are days and days of toil in a field, because it's raining on a colour bridge in black and white, and before dying, we have to take the time to see, to take photographs. That's the way it is.

Bernard Plossu

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