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Emmanuel Pierrot

Emmanuel Pierrot has a unique place in the current photographic scene. Where others directly approach reality, Pierrot chooses to distance himself in order to achieve a perspective that ultimately brings him closer to reality. His world is one where imaginary and daily life are eternally juxtaposed. His staging are true creations, and these universes drag us between the real and the virtual.

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Bright Red (2016)

My grandfather, the late Jean Pierrot, was a butcher in the small town of Fraize in the Vosges department in northeastern France. My father, in his youth, used to help out with the butchering of the calves, cows and pigs – or so I was told. And I must admit, I too have always derived a certain pleasure from the skinning, cutting, preparing, cooking and eating of meat. I was fascinated by the mysterious world of the slaughterhouse. But though I was born and bred in the middle of that mess, designed by Man to feed the multitudes, today I am bent on one thing only: to extract myself from the meat-eating crowd, and to get my protein without all the gore.

Crazy Food (2012)

“Crazy Food” is a series globally produced by Emmanuel Pierrot for the Libération newspaper. The new school of fine dining is gaining many followers, attracting the famished who are covetous of new pleasures for their palettes... hence the term “fooding” - a contraction of the words “food” and “feeling”. Emmanuel Pierrot plays with food and jostles us as he redefines the way we eat. He cultivates a very personal style, making minced-meat out of marketing guidelines, and heartily topping it off with his caustic sense of humour. Words, thoughts, expressions and representations clink and clank together, getting a taste of one another, making way for an explosion of visual flavours. An...

Praise of slowness (2012)

Bankruptcy (2011)

While the financial crisis has been taking the whole world by storm and while Eurozone is in danger, Emmanuel Pierrot gives us his personal vision of the financial world. King Dollar is naked and the strong European money is facing an existential crisis. Coins and wads of notes are toys in the hands of the photographer like they are in stock markets.

Pierrot's world (2010)

Here are some new pictures just out of Emmanuel Pierrot’s world. The photographer carries on with his interpretation work about the little and big questioning, which line up our daily life.

Pierrot's World (2010)

Here are some new pictures just out of Emmanuel Pierrot’s world. The photographer carries on with his interpretation work about the little and big questioning, which line up our daily life.

Strange match (2008)

These mixes are strange. They are incongruous, and seem alien to our known realities. Sometimes sordid, often funny, these visual associations provoke us so that we may question our perception and our role as a spectator. Mix, compose, assemble to question: are we ready to admit that we know nothing about the world we live in?


The Money (Toulon)
From 2018-04-06 to 2018-06-02

Photographer, director, image magician, Emmanuel Pierrot is a free electron of photography. Known for his still life work developed in his studio, he regularly collaborates with the world of culture, publishing and the press. When the world was shaken by the financial crisis and the euro zone was in dire straits, Emmanuel Pierrot offered his very personal vision of the world of money. The King Dollar is naked and the strong Euro is going through an existential crisis. Coins and banknote bundles become, as in the markets, toys in the hands of the photographer. Private view Thursday April 5...

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Le monde de Pierrot (Saint Ouen)
From 2008-04-11 to 2008-04-30

"... Depuis l'enfance, la photographie me permet de poser mes imaginaires, mes souvenirs. J'utilise ce moyen pour enregistrer des jeux et des expériences liés à mes observations. Je suis quelqu'un qui cherche autour du sens et de la représentation. J'essaye au travers de ce médium de toucher à différentes formes d'expression poétiques par forcement pour trouver une voix précise mais simplement parce que ma curiosité du réel continue à nourrir la force de mes rêves.."

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