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Agence VU - Marin Hock
Marin Hock

Born in Belgium in 1988 and living in Brussels, Marin Hock graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts «le 75», where he attends amongst others, Hugues de Wurstemberger’s classes.
Marin treats different forms of photography: from documentary to a more fine-art practice going through portrait and street photography. But his main ambition is really to put human beings face to face with themselves.

He makes himself known in 2008 with his reportage « From one grief to another » about La Devinière, an institutional psychotherapy centre, based in Charleroi in Belgium.

In 2009, he produced « Les Passeurs », an exploration on urban motion in collaboration with street dancers.
Above all, Marin finds inspiration in his surroundings and in his travels. It is in the US, between 2010 and 2011, that he produced the set « Bend », a stroll in the urban environment where the architecture becomes the main scenery.

His interest about urbanization takes him to Sumène-Artense in 2013 where he photographs changes of this rural territory since the mines closure.

He participates in 2013 to the Carte Blanche which is gave to 11 young photographers : “Ma Samaritaine”, around the department stores of the Samaritaine.

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Sumène Artense, France (2013)

The territory of Sumene Artense is a “Communauté de Communes” (local council community) in the Cantal area, where the industrial heritage has had a significant impact. The mining activity then the hydroelectric constructions have modified an area which was predominantly agricultural and has significantly changed its appearance. The second largest industrial area of Cantal, in a highly rural district, Sumene Artense puts in perspective memory, history and contemporary reality. Each village has kept its original traits and the traces of its past through the traditional miner's cottages. Since the last two decades, rural life has changed a lot. The mines have closed, employment is slowly...

Détour, USA (2011)

Journeys in the US. Those of a photographer but above all those of a traveller. One who will loose himself in the streets of these vast American cities that mesmerize him. A photographer/ traveller who also will discover the other side of the coin, at times stereotyped, at times banal or on the contrary of an amazing universality. A traveller driven by the idea of going beyond the "clichés" often associated with this superpower, which through its topicality but mainly through culture, nourished his youth sometimes in an intrusive manner. Against the « excessive » at times even « vulgar » aspect, that one tends to associate with the US, the photographer tries to show the simplicity...

Trabalhadores, Sao Paulo (2011)

Street sweepers, workers , gardeners, mechanics, etc.... he or she wears a uniform. They were met on a street corner, a tool in the hand, with a proud or at times shy look. As arteries pulse life into the heart, are they only aware of this link that ties them to the lively city ? Sao Paulo in Brazil ; 22 million inhabitants, is the economic heart of the Latin America.

The Passers by, London (2009)

A street, a transitional area within our realities. She alone, mediator of her crossings. He floats in the streets like a scent of indifference. All of them, solitary, in the heat of an uncompleted motion… This project is an exploration on urban motion and was produced, in the streets of London, in collaboration with dancers (The Place and Laban Center). The dancer being inspired by the environment in which they had to evolve.

From one sadness to another (2008)

La Devinière is an institutional psychotherapy center founded in 1976. It is located in an old farm, in Farciennes, near Charleroi. Originaly, the center was made to host nineteen children from varied backgrounds. Some were abandoned, others turned down from psychiatric centers and other lived locked inside for many years. All were heavily medicated. At La Devinière, I met free men and women. Even if some are still slightly medicated, it is not to make the educators’ work easier, but rather to help reduce the patient’s psychoses. Furthermore there is no attempt to classify them by disease: psychotic, schizophrenic or hyperkinetic ... At La Devinière, therapies have no borders! Over...

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