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Agnès Propeck

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Set 1 (2011)

This work was done between 1991 and 1996. It received the support from the Delegation for Fine Arts and the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs.

Set 2 (2011)

This work was done between 1997 and today. It received the support from the National Center of Fine Arts of Paris (DAP).


Les étoiles sont tombées

Des photos en noir et blanc, saisissantes et épurées qui accompagnent un texte subtil et fort. Des mots et des choses qui, avec justesse, illustrent le quotidien de la guerre et ses petits riens qui ne laissent pas l’âme en paix.

Les étoiles sont tombées est un album né d’une rencontre entre une photographe reconnue, Agnès Propeck, et un auteur, François David, dont les écrits sont pour la plupart interprétés au théâtre. Chaque photographie est une association minutieuse d’objets qui donne à voir un tableau du réel, poétique, empli d’émotions et de pudeur. Le texte lui-même conserve cette fragilité de l’instant, cet équilibre du mot qui avec simplicité et douceur, décrit des situations pénibles et délicates

Publisher: éditions Motus (2007)
ISBN :2907354760   


Champ des Impossibles (Préaux-du-Perche)
From 2019-04-27 to 2019-06-02

Agnès Propeck is both a plastic artist and a photographer. Working on past, present and future significations of items, she builds subtle, sober and touching mise-en-scènes. The photographer “knows how to draw the gentle poetry of minimal things” (Emmanuelle Lequeux, Le Monde). More than an image-maker, she is a meaning-creator. Her first creations were born in the 1990s. She chooses to express herself on a well-known category stemmed from emotions and personal thoughts, mixing the word and idea with the image design. It is important to precise that she builds her world progressively, and...

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Photo Docks Art Fair (Lyon)
From 2014-09-05 to 2014-09-28

A salon dedicated to contemporary photography and video art in a special and new format. The first three days a traditional fair, and then a three-week exhibition where each booth becomes an exhibition space. It will be a meeting point for artists, galleries, institutions, professionals, collectors and contemporary art lovers. The artworks will remain in place for a three-week exhibition where the general public and schools will be able to appreciate the artists presented in a museum showcase. The organizers of \"Photo DocksArtFair ™\" encourage this new addition, to focus on the curating...

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Mon île de Montmajour (Arles)
From 2013-05-05 to 2013-11-03

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Mois de la Photo à Paris (Paris)
From 2012-11-15 to 2013-01-15

Agnes Propeck is a French photographer living and working in Paris. Her creations use the photographic medium to deliver a message which finds its roots in Art History and have been exposed both in France ((Transphotographiques, Lille 2010) and overseas (Lianzhou Photo Festival 2010, China). Building upon the past present and future meaning associated with the objects she photographs, Agnes Propeck creates compositions that are subtle, sobre and touching.\r\rAgnes Propeck who "delivers a sweet poetry from the minimal essence of things (Emmanuelle lequeux)" is creating more than images, she...

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