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Returns to Hugo

Victor Hugo took an interest in photography. Whilst talking about a report which the poet suggested that his two sons should produce in order to keep them out of mischief during the period of exile on Jersey starting in 1852 a photographer got the idea of working with a writer about this site of memory.
So the photographer Jean-Luc Chapin, accompanied by the writer Philippe Vilain, travelled several times to the Victor Hugo museum in Villequier, along the Seine, in the forest, in the village, in the cemetery where the tombs confirm the tragic drowning of Léopoldine and her young husband Charles, discovering witness accounts and powerful signs. He reports back on this with a series of images which could be those of any visitor of today and tomorrow: the unusual thing about this series of precious images about grief, memory and literature is the mixed emotions and impressions it conveys.

The exhibition consists of 40 black and white prints measuring 30 x 40 cm.

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