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This is a familiar country

We do not know whether this is a familiar country or somewhere else which remains unexplored, because the view stays so low, keeping its distance from any regional anecdote. Ever since 2002, Jean-Luc Chapin has been making regular return trips between the Bordeaux region where he lives, the Risle estuary and the Marais Vernier area in the Eure region. The opportunity for an artistic residency fed into his fascination with these damp, rich, wild places, located on the edges of the Seine Valley, and from which he has managed to draw a series of images which are totally immersed in the matter of these small areas with submerged edges. Through his lens, the artist tells us about the hardness and the battle regulating the life of the marsh, with its fertile and often precarious spaces. These photos are far more than just shots recording the places as they are now; they bear witness to a vision. They get as close to sensation - both mental and physical - as possible, reproducing the keen, fleeting, dazzling excitement you sometimes glimpse out of the corner of your eye as you travel, and which, at its very slow internal flash speed, is well worth stopping off to contemplate. The image has a close relationship with poetry and its expressive autonomy.

The exhibition consists of 37 black and white prints: 100 x 100 cm (5) - 50 x 50 cm (32). The prints are framed in American boxes and packaged in wooden crates.

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