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The Wearing of the World

Fascinated by the work of Nicolas Bouvier, a major figure in travel literature, Frédéric Lecloux made a journey from Geneva to Kabul in November 2004. “We went back over the route for L’Usage du Monde by car, but without following exactly where Nicolas had been, to the very place, to the very composition, to the very word. And above all – as this would’ve been a vain and pretentious ambition - not “in the footsteps of” Nicolas Bouvier, as the wind blowing along the roads had smoothed them away long ago. Indeed, on the contrary, I worked obsessively on the feelings I got from his work to gather a little of the poetry of the world he loved so much and thus to write my own score, with my own tools and my own language”. So the images show meetings between human beings, the traces of the passing of time, what the weather is like, the landscapes they passed through, often drowned in fog. These are images free of any nostalgia, they do not magnify anything, do not decry anything and reject any aesthetic effect, but they quote from or nod to Nicolas Bouvier’s work, which the photographer used more as a support than as a guide.

The exhibition consists of 45 colour prints 40 x 26 cm on 40X50 cm paper and 3 colour prints 60X90 cm.

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