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Here and Now

We see and hear so many things every day. There are a thousand places upon which our eyes can alight. In some ways it is as though we were being told a never-ending story, with a thousand and one details. Suddenly there is a surprise. Something just like anything else, an emotion. Life has moved, and that is what is amazing. Bits of things are calling out to us, others get lost.
In these moments of acute awareness, the world looks like a new place to us. So, Brigitte Grignet intuitively presses the shutter button, before analysing the meaning of the moment. It does not matter where it is, what year it is...the images seem to create a world all of their own. Even though she feels connected to wherever she is, to the people around her, it seems to her that the perception of the world leads to the memory, to childhood, to an infinitely private place. In the solitude of these moments, the exploration of both other people and ourselves leads us to write a story which goes beyond the exoticism of places and moments in time.

The exhibition consists of 41 black and white framed prints:
-39 x 39 cm (11) - 53 x 53 cm (28) - 72 x 72 cm (2).

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