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VU' in Paris

VU’ in Paris is a group project suggesting a new perception of modern-day Paris, transformed by the contemporary eyes of the VU’ photographers. This “vision” offers an opportunity to underline the details of a modern, unique and cosmopolitan city, with an international dimension.
It also aims to raise questions about urban life today and to take stock of the state of current documentary photography. The photographers were chosen by taking very different approaches, in order to generate a clash of styles and to produce real surprises. Working in partnership with the Fémis*, young directors followed these photographers around Paris and made 17 five-minute films (bilingual, French/English), which can accompany the exhibition. This is a way of placing the faces and experiences into the context of the photographic processes, whilst asking the directors to come and meet both photography and the city itself.
The following photographers took part in the project: Michael Ackerman, Aniu, Philip Blenkinsop, Bruno Boudjelal, Denis Darzacq, Pierre-Olivier Deschamps, Bertrand Desprez, Claudine Doury, Richard Dumas, JH Engström, Gilles Favier, Stanley Greene, Rip Hopkins, Martin Kollar, Anders Petersen, Ian Teh, Lars Tunbjork and Guillaume Zuili.

The exhibition consists of 74 framed prints:
- 30 x 40 cm (16) - 30 x 50 cm (7) - 60 x 90 cm (2) - 60 x 60 cm (2)
- 40 x 50 cm (17) - 60 x 70 cm (4) - 40 x 40 cm (14) - 80 x 90 cm (3)
- 40 x 60 cm (3) - 30 x 35 cm (6).
The exhibition is packaged in 4 transportation crates.
Additional prints can be added to it on request.

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