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Full Size Nature

For centuries scientific studies have helped us to analyse the state of the planet, its evolution, changes and the damage done to the environment. Right from its earliest days, photography has supported the perception of nature and the landscape, fed into the pictorial tradition and has based itself on an ancient fascination with the amplitude of spaces and the often impressive beauty of “untouched” sites.
Echoing the increasingly anxious perception of an ecological disaster, since the second half of the twentieth century, the fixed image has attempted to show, underline and decry the wounding and staining of the natural space, the consequences for the people living there, the fact that it is irreversible and the dangers and madness of pollution. Torn between keeping a record and commentary, contemporary photography aims to show all this, at the same time attempting to raise awareness and trigger reactions. So, somewhere between the Garden of Eden and the Apocalypse, between nostalgia and desolation, the images waver between praising original beauty which must be preserved and the chaos of a disaster whose excesses do not rule out a certain form of aesthetic value.
Photography has moved from the purely contemplative to the symbolic. And the connection of the visions which mark out the contemporary world say as much about the evolutions of form and the way we look at things as about changes to the environment. And there is always this profound contradiction which meant that majestic beauty could produce awe and anguish in the same way that we can find something sublime in the visions of a premonitory nightmare. There is the uneasiness of a portrayal which has to manage the difficulties of its ambiguous relationship with the real world matching the puzzling complexity of the contemporary world.
Christian Caujolle

This exhibition is made up of 30 prints in colour and B&W, 50 x 60 cm.

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