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The River’s Gift

“The images I produce do not describe objects or events. They do not have a story to tell. Instead they aspire to reveal tiny fragments of time”. This was Bernard Descamps’ inspiration when he travelled to Sendégué, a clay village in the immense inland delta of the Niger River in northern Mali. The arid earth and water come together and separate with the tides, and stretch out before the village as far as the eye can see. Life here is a gift from the river.

But from one year to the next, the river appears to be less bountiful. The desert is encroaching, and the village elders have noted with some concern that the tide level is constantly dropping on the river banks. For the villagers, troubles, hopes and joys are all measured by the movements of the water. Mr. Descamps’ photographs portray the happiness of a fragile moment in time – caught between two potential tragedies – where one can feel the breeze, the heat, a daily miracle, and an exchange with the photographer’s subject.

The exhibition consists of 49 black and white baryte prints under passe-partout:
- 60 x 80 cm (13) - 50 x 60 cm (17) - 40 x 50 cm (19).
The whole exhibition is packaged in a wooden crate.
There is a catalogue accompanying it.

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