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On Vacation

“Vacation” is synonymous with relaxation and recreation. Figuratively speaking, the word implies a sense of personal freedom and a time of life that is outwardly characterised by joy and fun, spontaneity and insouciance – an only too welcome break from the daily grind! These days freedom is tantamount to leisure. This suggests a novel social achievement , which is limited in duration, but in terms of design widely linked to free will and personal mood. “Vacation” elevates leisure time to the focal point of the event, be it within a local setting or while on the move.

How do locals and visitors spend their leisure time in the north of Luxembourg?

The starting point for this project was imbued with interest and curiosity about Luxembourg’s tourist landscape. The images of Yvon Lambert illustrate the photographer’s experiences from various angles: from the quiet observer all the way to the active consumer of the region’s leisure and recreational activities. “On Vacation” is not a behavioural study, but the story of an awareness of life.

The exhibition consists of 60 colour prints under white tinted wood.

53 framed 57 x 68,75 cm and 7 framed 57 x 57 cm

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