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People of Siberia

Expanses of snow stretching as far as the eye can see, herds of reindeer, yurts, migrant populations who weave a link between two continents, “natives” of the snow, walrus hunting and fishing which provides man with food, occasionally the odd town, almost crazy in our view of a faraway place travelled across by sled... Claudine Doury asks us to look at all of this. Claudine Doury is revitalising the ethnological approach by abandoning any scientific claims: she is simply conveying her joy at having travelled across faraway expanses, at having met men, women and children and at having caught the beauty of their features and appearances. She does this as a traveller, a true traveller who meets people and talks to them before she captures them in her lens. Travelling in the same way we share things, to convince ourselves that we are living at the same moment in time even though we are so different, travelling as you sniff the wind aware that it may prove that there is someone else not far away... this is what she is saying, swathed in clarity.

The exhibition consists of 77 laminated, framed black & white prints: - 70 x 80 cm (62) - 120 x 180 cm (15). Packaged in wooden crates.

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