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Antonin, a life with autism

For almost 20 years, Olivier Coulange documented the daily life of Antonin and his family, and the way they cope with autism.

Antonin turned 25 in 2011. Due to his condition, everyday tasks are extremely difficult for him to accomplish. Daily tasks we carry out without even thinking about are - for him - an obstacle pushing further away from the world.

From early childhood, most autistic people are either placed in hospitals or specialized institutions. More and more often, however, doctors try to leave the child with his or her family.

With this series, Olivier Coulange tells us: “The lives of autistic people or those mentally impaired are not, as one would say, a 'withdrawal into one's self,' or the image of the lonely child, expressionless, pressed against a window pane with a blank stare.”

The exhibition consists of 20 Black&White framed prints:

19 prints 80x60 cm ; 1 print 160x102 cm

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