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Started in 2009 and finalized in 2011, Act is the fruit of long work with handicapped persons. Though some of the subjects are also actors, athletes and dancers, each has asserted their individuality far beyond the assigned label of handicapped person.

Denis Darzacq seeks to move beyond the kindly-meant compassionate attitude this subject often gives rise to while avoiding any sense of gratuitous- ness and voyeurism. Yet the artist is well aware of the difference created by the handicap. He even makes it visible. Sometimes in an obvious way, when he decides, in agreement with the person, to remove the wheelchair and place himself a situation that gives an unconventional image of the body.

Sometimes the difference seems infinitesimal. It yields its space to the assertion of a mental world which is particularly clear in scenes where the acting is transformed by the subjects’ spontaneity and eccentricity. Like in the La Chute and Hyper series, the subjects are asked to freely perform movements that may appear meaning- less, thus creating totally dreamlike situations. One example is the museum space which comes across as the projection of an interior life where wonder dominates reality, instead of the confrontation between the lofty images in the paintings and the infirm bodies of the subjects.

Though the series is driven by a certain radicality, it is more about being part of a minority and the singular forms of physical expression of people on the fringe of society than it is about handicap.

The expostion consists of 26 framed color prints. 4 prints: 30x40 cm ; 20 prints: 94,5x130 cm ; 2 prints: 109,5x13 cm.

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