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Distance Now

“Distance Now is an autobiographical piece of work dealing with the emotions and feelings experienced during the break-up of a relationship. The title refers to the psychological distance between my partner and I, both at the time when we broke up and afterwards. The exhibition collects photographs I took between 2002 and 2005. Some of them were taken during this break-up whereas others are rather documents of my past life. The aim of this project is to show a relationship from all angles; the illusion of love, emotional confusion, despair, fear and dependency.
I used the setting of scenes a lot to illustrate - sometimes in a narrative way - the despair you can feel when a relationship comes to an end and to talk humorously about the troubles of the soul”.
Arja Hyytiainen

The exhibition consists of 21 framed prints:
30 x 120 cm (1)- 40 x 80 cm (1)- 40 x 120 cm (1)- 45 x 65 cm (7)- 60 x 60 cm (6)- 60 x 80 cm (2)- 60 x 120 cm (2)- 80 x 80 cm (1).
It can be accompanied by a projection (DVD), lasting for 1’15’’.

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