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Over the years this photographic project undertaken in Rimini in Italy, and in Brighton in England in summer 1994, was later to take Albert & Verzone from Tysoland in Sweden to Jurmala in Latvia, by way of Nice in France, Venus and Neptune in Romania and Ibiza in Spain. Albert and Verzone are aiming to create a large gallery of portraits of Europeans on the beach. In theory one beach is very much like another, in the same way that all of the people who go there are very much alike. You go to the beach to relax and lounge about, often when you are on your holidays or sometimes after a long day at work. Here, while you are lazing away in the sun, time passes more slowly, and everyone is trying just to be a little different from the person they are in everyday life. Even so, the portraits which have come out of their investigations underline the fact that there may be many differences between people, on European beaches, from the north to the south. Obviously there are some differences due to the climate, but what these images show first and foremost is how, on the beach, the unique features of the society to which we belong can be expressed in surprising ways. However, in the current climate, at a time when Europe is increasingly moving towards the globalisation of markets and the alignment of models available, based upon a single system, the two photographers felt it was crucial to highlight the multiplicity, individuality and singularities of each of the people involved, depending upon the country in which they live.

The first set of this exhibition consists of 18 black and white framed prints:

78x65 cm (16) - 100x80 cm (2).

The second one, designed for outdoors, consists of 30 printed prints on canvas: 140x177, 94 cm (with frame).

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