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Françoise Huguier's first days in this communal apartment in Saint-Petersburg were especially troubling. She first became interested in this unusual form of communal living when she stopped over in St Petersburg on her way to Siberia in 1991. She later decided to explore it further. She knew she would need to make several visits, and find a way of getting behind these closed doors.
To avoid being considered as a reporter, Françoise Huguier decided to rent a room in one of the apartments and stay there on a regular basis.

This project dates back to 1991. I was working in Siberia when I ended up in St Petersburg because several Russian ethnologists lived there. I was living with Russian friends, some of them were living in community apartments. In 2000, I wanted to go back to start this project. Since then, I've been back there every two months until 2007. I chose to live inside one of these apartments by renting a room, to be closer to the inhabitants.

The exhibition consists of 23 color prints stick on aluminium and framed : 21 prints size 40,5cmx60,5cm and 2 prints size 44,5cmx60,5cm. It is packaging in 4 wooden box (74cmx30cmx55cm).

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